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EUROOO company’s presentation

EUROOO Co., LTD. is situated in the international capital of fashion and home articles Italian cosmopolitan city Milan. EUROOO is dedicated to providing consulting services to the customers from all over the world about the high quality life products. Our special service will help you to create your individual superior style of life.

At present EUROOO deals with furniture, building materials, home decoration articles and high quality home-used items. We offer to our customers made-to-order service, home interior design planning, delivery, product’s quality warranty and other services. Our company ensures a full suite of services starting from a product’s selection, and finishing with its delivery and mounting.

EUROOO international e-commerce platform is a great source of building materials and furniture that are represented in a broad range of products such as floorings, ceramic tiles, lamps, doors and windows, marble materials as well as furniture articles for a living room, bedroom, dining room, study room, children’s room, office or outdoor spaces. The furniture styles vary from classical and modern to new classical, post-modern, French and other styles. The products originate from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, The Great Britain, Switzerland, Denmark and other European countries.

At present EUROOO international e-commerce platform offers you over 30 thousands of products produced by 981 companies and subdivided into 190 themes. At the same time, we strive to enhance our cooperation with new manufactures and raise new investments. We expect that more high quality home articles will enter EUROOO platform in order to provide our customers from all over the world with a new design, new products and the most complete suite of services.

EUROOO international e-commerce platform came online on 18 November 2016. Nevertheless, the beginning of business operation dates back to 2010 when CASAITALIANA Co., Ltd. was founded.

CASAITALIANA Co., Ltd. was set up in December 2010 and it basically deals with high-class furniture and building materials. Its procurement headquarters is situated in Milan while the CASAITALIANA’s e-commerce platform operation headquarters is situated in Shanghai. There are our branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other cities and besides our customers can enjoy comfortable O2O showrooms.

Nowadays, CASAITALIANA has established a solid cooperation with more than 1000 Italian brands of high-class furniture and building materials. It has created the biggest in China integral e-commerce platform that became a comprehensive source of Italian luxury furniture. The company features a professional staff, a wide variety of brands, superior servicing and excellent aftersales support.

As before, CASAITALIANA not only represents a high quality life but it has always been a leader in the field of a contemporary, fashionable and elite style of life. Our company does not only think that European luxury furniture is a symbol of a high status of a person, but more than that makes ordinary people turn all their being to their cherished homes regardless of their wealth and status.

We were greatly inspired by the success of CASAITALIANA in China and now we are eager to offer this integral supreme quality service system to the people from all over the world. We hope that more people could soon enjoy and experience high quality life.

EUROOO is your best high quality life adviser, we look forward to provide you with our best service!

Support on preliminary project
CIDU- industrial connection
CIDU- is an association of Italian and Chinese designers, 20 Chinese designers and 10 Italian designers, is an open platform for communication between China and Italy.

Support on products
Furniture products and building materials imported from Europe.

Scope of Project
Professional delivery installation team.

Made-to-order furniture

Sending on-line inquiry
Currently, the company has set up a strategic partnership with more than 880 European suppliers of furniture and building materials. On our website, you can get acquainted with a major part of the brands and commodities that we can provide.

Manufacturing the product in Italy
We guarantee that all the products acquired on our online platform come up to all your requirements and are produced by that very factory and under that very brand that you need. While manufacturing you can trace the readiness of your order with our Track Order Service.

Free of charge assembly of the product
The company guarantees free of charge delivery throughout China and free of charge assembly of the goods on its arrival at the destination. Our carriers are dedicated and experienced companies specialized in the transportation of valuable goods and furniture.

Working out design of the product
We cooperate with 50 architecture studios and 1500 trustworthy architects who work in a close contact with our Italian and Chinese designers to make your product functional and unique. We provide this service with the only purpose to meet every customers’ eventual need.

Own logistics and warehouse facilities
At present, we have 5 warehouses at our disposal that are situated in Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.Rapidity and efficiency is a philosophy of our every-day activity.All the inquiries are handled by our Italian team in a prompt and timely manner.

Comprehensive aftersales service
Nothing can bother a customer more than aftersales service of the commodity.We focus on the details and ensure the quality of the works. “Casaitaliana Co. Ltd.” is the only supplier of Italian furniture and building materials in China that offers a full suite of services and secure a two-years’ warranty period for all its purchased products.

Purchasing a ready product

On-line selection and placing an order with a manufacturer
You can choose a product on our website and contact our staff to get the characteristics and the price of the goods you are interested in. If you have some special demands towards your product you are kindly asked to inform us of a brand, send us a photo or provide us with any other information about the product.

Free of charge assembly of the product
We are responsible for a free of charge assembly of the product on its arrival at the destination. Into the bargain, we secure a two-years’ warranty period for all the purchased goods.

Own logistics and warehouse facilities
Availability of the warehouses facilitates greatly our cooperation with the factories and permits us organize prompt delivery of the goods to a client. Making use of our Track Order Service you can trace your order starting from its loading in Italy and finishing with its arrival at the destination.

Comprehensive aftersales service
Aftersales service represents a full spectrum of services provided to a client after his acquisition of the product. The company is able to resolve all possible issues concerning the product, places strong emphasis on the details and guarantees qualified and professional conducting of the works.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the order cycle?

Foreign high-end furniture brands are usually in accordance with the order of production, to ensure product quality. Since your order is confirmed you will receive the goods in about 16-24 weeks period; usually, the production cycle of each brand is about 8-16 weeks, shipping and customs clearance take for up to 8 weeks. If the product you ordered is in stock, then this time can be shortened for 4-8 weeks, that is, 12-16 weeks period. If you need a product urgently, then you are advised to consider air transportation, which can save more than 4 weeks.

Can a productbe purchased if it is not listed on the website among the other products of the brand?

Sure, it can! It is enough to provide us with a name of the brand that you have seen among the European and Italian brands presented on the Chinese market and we can get the best retail price directly from the manufacturer. If you think the price is reasonable then the two sides sign a purchase contract. For any product or any brand you need you can consult our Marketing departmentpersonnel. It is not possible to list all the products on our website, but you can compare the retail prices of the product you need with those presented on the Chinese market. We continuously strive to put more brands and products on the website in order to facilitate your choice.

Who is responsible for after-sales installation? Howto deal withmaintenance?

There is a professional logistics and installation staff in Italy and in China to provide you with this service without additional cost. If you buy a soft furniture like sofa, mattress, armchair and others and there is no need of installation service, we will provide you with free home delivery service. If just the other way round, there is a need to assemble furniture, such as a wardrobe, bed or cabinet,CASAITALIANA can offer you professional installation on-site service. In case of damage of the product or its eventual repair, CASAITALIANA provides with two years’ warranty service.

  • Made-to-order furniture

    Purchasing a ready product

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Milan · Italy EUROOO S.R.L

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Beijing “Hengbang Xinda” International Trading Company Ltd.

Beijing “Hengbang Xinda” International Trading Company Ltd. was founded in 2010 in Beijing. The company is structured into Marketing department, Sales department, Design department, Logistics department, HR department and Financial department. The company is responsible to maintain contacts with Italian office and secure a solid base for the development. The company is also responsible to sale products and provide a complete suite of services to a client.

Huantie Art City North Zone B-004, Da Huan Li, Jiang Tai Xiang, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China.
Hotline: 4000-650-610

Beijing “Hengbang Xinda” International Trading Company Ltd., Shanghai branch

Shanghai branch was founded in 2013 aimed at establishing a showroom of high quality Italian home articles and furniture. The company is structured into Marketing department, Sales department, Design department, HR department and Financial department. The company is devoted to sales, even the marketing center of the company was moved from Beijing office to Shanghai branch.

6F, Block A, 209 Wending Road (near Kaixuan Road), Xuhui district, Shanghai, China.
Hotline: 4000-650-610

Hangzhou Casaitaliana International E-Commerce Company Ltd.

Room 208, No. 22, the Great Wall Street, Hangzhou, China.
Hotline: 400-860-7979

Shenzhen “Hengbang Xinda” Internet Technologies International Trading Company Ltd.

Block A, Shenzhen Swan Castle Garden 14D, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.
Hotline: 4000-650-610

Future projects

The company aims at the development of Southeast Asia market and international market and strives for strengthening business relations all over the world.

Talent is the greatest wealth, a number of high-quality talent team is the best guarantee for the rapid development of the platform.

——Wu Ruijun

Chairman of Eurooo

Milano· CTO

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for technical architecture and implementation of company website and management system and mobile internet technology platform;

2. Management of the company's overall core technology, organizational development and implementation of technical decisions and technical programs, organizational structure design and upgrade optimization;

3. Responsible for technical team construction and management, pay attention to personnel training and create an innovative research and development culture;

4. To support the company's Internet and mobile Internet product design planning and back-office operations;

5. Organize research on the latest technology development direction of the industry, preside over the formulation of strategic plan for technology development;

6. Guide and review the overall technical program of the project, the final quality assessment of the project; Responsible for project development, testing, and future maintenance, upgrades, updates;

7. To guide the daily development of project team members to solve the technical problems in development.

Job Requirements:

1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, more than 5 years experience in high-traffic website research and development, more than 3 years project and team management experience;

2. Have rich experience in mobile Internet project development and management, and have deep knowledge of software technology, experience in product planning is preferred;

3. Proficient in object-oriented design, design patterns and related development language, familiar with mysql database development, with large data architecture management experience;

4. Be proficient in HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, .NET, Java, C ++, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, familiar with Linux system and Mysql database management;

5. Have a strong communication skills and team spirit, with entrepreneurial passion, can withstand the enormous work pressure is preferred;

6. Have a good code habits, requiring a clear structure, naming norms, logic, code redundancy rate is low;

7. Large-scale B2B electronic business website development, management experience is preferred;

8. Experience in developing and managing large international websites is a plus.

Milan· New Media Operations

Job Responsibilities:

1, Responsible for the update and maintenance of the company's official social account, the establishment of effective marketing tools to enhance the active degree of fans, known brand of text tone (Tucao, news, etc.), quality and quantity, can be released on time. Tracking the promotion effect of each platform marketing tool, analysis of data, do a good job of experience summary. Increase the number of fans and fans of social accounts active degree.

2, Able to complete the Facebook, WeChat and other social platforms of the daily maintenance and operation, including the writing of the program, rose pink, interactive, public opinion monitoring, ensure that the amount of reading tweets have significantly improved; according to different market demand, brand planning related activities on the line. Focus on building the company's brand image, maintaining the viscosity and activity of fans, the social platform to the end user flow to the company's platform.

Job Requirements:

1, Advertising, marketing, media, public relations. Experience in the promotion of Facebook, Twitter, micro-blog, WeChat, Internet Co working experience;

2, One to three years of relevant work experience;

3, With the official account of operation implementation experience, strong writing ability, strong sense of network; thorough understanding of Facebook, Twitter, micro-blog, WeChat forum, and methods of use, fast new media, with the promotion of ideas clearly;

4, Have good data analysis ability, sensitive to current affairs, have independent view.

Thank you,I sincerely look forward to you letter!

A steady stream of talented people is a key factor for CASAITALIANA to stay leading edge. CASAITALIANA is keen to grow with talented people who are passionate about fashion, innovation and insight. If you are good enough, while have the entrepreneurial mind and passion, I believe that he young people can only enjoy the carrier they love , it may get the greatest return.Come on! Join us!

Upload resume

Thank you,We will review and respond to you as soon as possible!



Eurooo.com, based on the investments of Casaitaliana Co., Ltd., is the biggest provider of Italian furniture export service as well as the biggest O2O online platform of high-quality furniture and building materials.

Casaitaliana is an integral Italian furniture export service online platform. Nowadays we collaborate with more than 800 high-class furniture manufacturers.There is a great number of brands we collaborate with therefore a certain part of photos and information is continuously uploading. If you cannot find some brands you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Eurooo.com-Casaitaliana,The biggest Italian furniture importation service provider and the biggest cross-board furniture and building material O2O platform.

Casaitaliana as an Integrated Italian furniture service platform, now we have already collaborated with more than 800 top-level furniture manufacture. Because there are many brands we collaborate, part of the photos and information is continually uploading. If you can not some brands you are looking for, please contact us immediately.