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Bysteel is italian lighting company and his pieces like chandeliers or floor lamps are of the highest quality modern Made in Italy lighting.

Bysteel is a renowned Italian brand from Forli that manufactures elegantly designed Made In Italy lighting products. Bysteel’s sleek lighting products includes lighting flower boxes, panels and accessories.

Bysteel lighting flower boxes, panels and accessories are renowned for their modern design and style. Years of experience and knowledge in contemporary design have allowed the production of Bysteel’s elegant lighting flower boxes, panels and accessories.

The heavy emphasis of Bysteel’s pieces incorporating high quality materials has allowed the brand to create their stunning high-end pieces. The creativity in each piece designed by Bysteel has allowed for the development of their intriguing and stylish products. The designers of Bysteel pieces each bring their own unique skillset and talent to the magnificent Bysteel pieces. The versatility of Bysteel products is an important element of the brand; the brands pieces range from intricately detailed pieces to sleek, simple and stylish pieces.

The Bysteel pieces are of the highest quality modern Made in Italy lighting. 



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