Giorgetti is an exclusive producer of high quality Italian furniture. Giorgetti, founded in 1898, in the heart of Brianza in the north of Italy, is recognized nationally and internationally as a sophisticated producer of fashionable, innovative and modern Made In Italy furniture. The company respects its long-standing tradition as well as pursues innovation to produce the highest quality furniture pieces. The Giorgetti design dismisses the ordinary to create unique furniture. Its style allows its products including its chairs, sofas, beds, tables, desks, sideboards, drawers and kitchens to be immediately identified and defined as the exclusive Giorgetti style. Giorgetti's products incorporate a passion for detail, high quality technology and elite materials that combine together to create functional and contemporary pieces. Giorgetti's products are a prime example of high-class Made In Italy products, from the design, the creativity process to the production. Giorgetti's elegant and modern furniture is characterized by its traditional craftsmanship, innovation and luxurious materials.


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