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Natuzzi is an Italian furniture brand that is renown for its comfortable and modern sofas, armchairs, tables, coffee tables, beds and accessories. Natuzzi has grown into an enormous company, comprising seven manufacturing plants, twelve commercial offices and more than 1,200 points of sale yet develops each piece of Natuzzi furniture with exceptional design passion.

It's large scale Research & Development Unit allows Natuzzi to be a leader in luxury modern furniture innovation in terms of design and utilization of materials.

Natuzzi is comprised of two product lines, Natuzzi Italia and Natuzzi Editions.

The Natuzzi Italia product line makes 100% Made In Italy luxury furniture sofas, armchairs, tables, coffee tables, beds and accessories. Natuzzi luxury furniture incorporates a modern design which emanates elegance and sophistication.

The Natuzzi Editions line offer a large range of comfortable sofas in a variety of styles, colours and configurations made from fine quality leather material.

Quality and sustainability are two integral elements of Natuzzi furniture. Natuzzi furniture utilizes the highest quality materials that achieve a high level of sustainability. Natuzzi’s social responsibility has led it to utilize clean and renewable energy to develop its high quality modern comfortable furniture.



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