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Zanaboni is Luxury neoclassical  Furniture companies’ designs and develops Italian Home furniture like sofas, chair, table,Cabinet and bookcases.

The eclectic artist Vittorio Zanaboni created in Meda, during the Sixties, the company that bears his name, which presented its first living rooms marked by an originality of approach stemming from the reinterpretation of the great classics of the past.

The location is not random, because Meda, in the heart of Brianza, is the only place in the world where in such a confined space are concentrated many excellences and manual skills and specialisations for every particular type of manufacturing in the sector of high-end furniture. With this spirit and this attitude towards experimentation, the company has developed over the years and out of its research have emerged timeless collections that have become the point of reference for the classic furniture sector all over the world, present in some of the world’s most prestigious residences.

Brianza is a world unto itself, where everything has always revolved around the “workshop” of the carpenter, the carver or the upholsterer, from the beginning of the Nineteenth century it was the perfect location for high-end hand-crafted manufacturing when in that era, to supplement the meagre income of agriculture, some families in the Brianza countryside began to produce furniture and accessories for the residences of the French nobility.

Following the French occupation that had facilitated the commercial and cultural exchange between Paris, then the capital of international furniture and Brianza, the most skilled artisans finally abandoned farm work and devoted themselves fully to the artistic production of high-quality furniture that still remains active and is exported all over the world.



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